Becoming a pollinator-friendly company

    Make your establishment a bee and biodiversity friendly structure thanks to our biodiversity trail "Biodiversity Adventure". You will make your employees and visitors aware of the importance of preserving biodiversity.
    Becoming a pollinator-friendly company



    Welcome to the world of biodiversity and pollinators! Biodiversity encompasses all life on Earth and pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, play a crucial role in plant reproduction and food production. Unfortunately, these valuable allies of the ecosystem are currently threatened by various factors related to human activity. So are you interested in protecting biodiversity in your company and ready to become a pollinator and biodiversity friendly company? Read this article to find out how you can protect biodiversity in your company with our "Biodiversity Adventure" project.

    Why protect biodiversity?

    Biodiversity is essential for the survival of our planet and all its inhabitants, including humans. It encompasses the variety of life on Earth, from the simplest to the most complex ecosystems, and includes all living things, from microbes to animals and plants. Biodiversity provides many benefits to humankind, including regulating the climate, purifying water, pollinating crops and providing food and medicines. However, biodiversity is threatened by human activity, including habitat destruction, pollution and climate change. It is therefore crucial to protect biodiversity to preserve our own existence and that of all other species. It is therefore essential to renaturalise corporate sites so that they become biodiversity-friendly places.

    How to protect biodiversity in business?

    Protecting biodiversity is a crucial issue for the future of our planet, and businesses have a key role to play in this area. To protect biodiversity in business, it is important to start by assessing the environmental impact of its activities and putting in place measures to reduce this impact. This can include implementing sustainable practices such as using renewable energy, reducing waste and promoting the circular economy. It is also possible to create green spaces on company sites to support local biodiversity, such as planting trees and flowers to attract pollinators. Finally, raising awareness and training employees on the importance of biodiversity and sustainable practices can also help protect the environment and encourage positive actions in favour of biodiversity. In sum, protecting biodiversity in business requires a global approach and the involvement of all stakeholders to ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

    Discover our "Biodiversity Adventure" educational trail

    3Bee has developed an innovative solution for biodiversity regeneration and pollinator protection called "Biodiversity Adventure". This service provides an educational journey on sustainability and biodiversity in your facility, transforming your environment into a bee and biodiversity friendly place. The trail includes Polly Houses (solitary bee houses) ladybird and butterfly hotels, and information panels to guide visitors of all ages. The Polly Houses, made from PFSC-certified, eco-designed wood, are produced in collaboration with six people with mild disabilities. The ladybird and butterfly houses help to conserve these pollinators, which are crucial for the propagation of plants and biodiversity. The 5-step tour is accompanied by educational panels developed by environmental engineers, agronomists and educators.

    Benefits for your company

    If your company opts for the Biodiversity Adventure pack, you can enjoy a number of benefits. Firstly, your commitment to biodiversity and environmental protection can improve your company's image and strengthen your corporate social responsibility. In addition, by monitoring and tracking data, you will be able to obtain quantitative and qualitative KPIs to improve the achievement of the SDGs. Furthermore, by involving your employees in the project, you can increase their job satisfaction and create a positive and motivating work environment. Finally, with a customised mediakit, you can communicate your commitment to environmental sustainability through a dedicated homepage and various media content, which could strengthen your community and improve your brand reputation. By adopting green solutions, you could also differentiate yourself from your competitors.

    Setting up your Biodiversity Oasis project - Contact us

    If you are interested in setting up your Biodiversity Oasis project, our team is here to help. By working with us, you can benefit from our expertise in sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. We can guide you through the entire process, from project conception to implementation. We listen to your needs and can offer you customised solutions to meet your environmental and social objectives. By working with our team, you will have access to sound advice and technical assistance to ensure the success of your project. Please contact us now to discuss your needs and find out more about the services we offer.

    By Elena FraccaroMay 11, 2023

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