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    Welcome to the 3Bee Blog, a platform dedicated to biodiversity,
    environmental regeneration and the world of ESG. Here you will find
    the latest news from the world of nature, the latest scientific studies and research,
    and the best practices that are shaping the future of sustainability.

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    What does 3Bee do?

    The CSR network: the first network of sustainability professionals
    The CSR network: the first network of sustainability professionals
    Academy: corporate training
    Academy: corporate training
    Corporate gifts: 3Bee sustainable solutions
    Corporate gifts: 3Bee sustainable solutions
    3Bee for Business: The environmental strategy for your company
    3Bee for Business: The environmental strategy for your company
    Our events

    Sustainable webinars

    19 DECEMBER 2023CSRD Directive: ESRS standardsHOURS 12.00

    The main innovations of the new CSRD and the standards developed by EFRAG.

    30 JANUARY 2024LCA, how to achieve itHOURS 12.00

    The benefits of carrying out an LCA analysis and the steps followed for collecting the documentation.

    29 FEBRUARY 2024Label and green claimsHOURS 12.00

    The implications of the new anti-greenwashing directive for companies

    MARCH 5, 2024In-person event L.E.I, Work, Equity, Inclusion

    An event by the Libellula Foundation in collaboration with 3Bee, in which a new corporate training program on environmental and social sustainability issues will be presented.

    MARCH 26, 2024Reporting on Biodiversity

    A guide to GRI and ESRS standards for reporting impacts and dependencies on biodiversity.

    23 APRIL 2024What does double materiality consist of?

    In this webinar we will look at materiality analysis as a fundamental tool for identifying relevant topics for companies.

    22 MAY 2024In-person event Biodiversity Summit 2024

    3Bee brings together experts at its second Biodiversity Summit and Summit, with the aim of defining the three pillars of 2024 to consolidate the approach to protecting biodiversity in businesses and the international economy

    ESG objectives are crucial standards for companies in environmental, social and security fields
    governance, essential for a sustainable and responsible future.

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    Discover corporate sustainability projects


    Discover corporate sustainability projects