Ethical Corporate Gifts: 3Bee for Biodiversity

    Discover 3Bee's ethical and sustainable corporate gifts. Protect biodiversity, support pollinators and reduce CO2 emissions. Give tech hives, nectar trees and Polly House for a green footprint and socially responsible branding.
    Ethical Corporate Gifts: 3Bee for Biodiversity


    Sustainable corporate gifts: a new way of doing business

    Welcome to the world of ethical and sustainable corporate gifts! At a time when the environment and social responsibility are at the forefront of business and consumer concerns, traditional corporate gifts can seem old-fashioned and insensitive to the needs of the planet. That's where 3Bee comes in, an innovative company dedicated to offering corporate gift solutions that not only demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, but actively contribute to protecting biodiversity and promoting a sustainable future. With a unique offering of technology hives, nectar trees, and Polly House, we offer an environmentally friendly and responsible alternative to traditional gifts, enabling businesses to make an informed choice and make a difference in their industry. Read on to find out how 3Bee can help you support the environment and make a positive impact on the planet. Join us for a green and sustainable future.

    3Bee's mission: to protect biodiversity

    With 3Bee we are actively engaged in the protection of biodiversity and pollinators, which play a crucial role in our food chain and for ecosystems. Our gifts protect biodiversity through pollinator protection, nectar generation, 'CO2 absorption, and soil redevelopment. Using technology, we monitor and care for bees; to feed them, we place nectar-generating essences that reduce pollinator mortality through starvation. We also plant, maintain and grow nearly 100,000 trees, absorbing CO2, improving air, water and soil quality and contributing to the fight against climate change. By choosing 3Bee's corporate gifts, you will not only support a company that is actively engaged in environmental protection, but you will also help support biodiversity and pollinators, which are critical to our sustainable future.

    Gift a connected hive: protect bees

    Our hive is the corporate gift that perfectly combines technology and nature to support beekeepers and protect bees. Each Hive-Tech hive is constantly monitored, allowing data to be collected on the health status of the bees. Beekeepers can then intervene quickly, ensuring bee welfare and hive productivity. The gift recipient, transforming into a beekeeper 2.0 via the 3Bee app, receives a personalized certificate showing the impact on biodiversity, along with notifications and photos from their hive. Also part of the project is the 3Bee Box, a gift box that includes an illustrated book with photos and trivia about bees and honeys, adoption of the hive with access to the app, and the opportunity to receive ethical honey directly to your home. Gifting a tech hive means supporting local beekeepers, promoting sustainable practices, and helping to protect biodiversity.

    The nectariferous tree: a green gift for ecosystems

    Gift your employees a nectariferous tree: the corporate gift that supports ecosystems and the environment. Gifting a nectariferous tree means providing food and nectar to pollinating insects, such as bees, but not only that. Trees, in addition to absorbing Co2, have a great impact on improving soil, air and water quality. For this reason, 3Bee forests represent natural oases where animal and plant biodiversity can thrive. Each tree is planted, cared for and managed by our growers using sustainable methods, monitored through ESA satellites and 3Bee technology. By gifting a nectariferous tree, you are contributing to the fight against climate change, protecting pollinators and creating richer, more resilient ecosystems. A gift that makes a difference for our planet.

    The Polly House: provide a safe haven for solitary bees

    Polly Houses are little houses for Osmie Bicornis, a species of harmless solitary bee. These shelters provide a protected environment for bees, contributing to the protection of pollinators and the blooming of millions of flowers each year. Made of PFSC-certified wood and eco-design, the Polly Houses are produced by six people with mild disabilities who collaborate with 3Bee. By gifting a Polly House, you not only protect over 1,000 pollinators a year, but also support a project that promotes the social and employment inclusion of people with disabilities.

    Share and celebrate your commitment to sustainability

    3Bee corporate gifts offer significant environmental and social impact, enabling companies to actively contribute to the regeneration of biodiversity. These ethical and sustainable gifts not only demonstrate your company's commitment to a greener future, but also raise employee awareness of the importance of sustainability. In fact, once they receive the gift, they can redeem it from the corporate oasis and receive their own certificate of adoption, which testifies to their commitment. Through the 3Bee app, they then enter a year-long educational journey, being able to see firsthand the positive impact of their actions. This direct involvement fosters a sense of responsibility and pride in their contribution to improving the quality of the environment and protecting species. Through 3Bee gifts you unite your employees in the common mission of protecting our planet, and celebrate the steps together.

    Choose 3Bee for corporate gifts that make a difference

    In a world where sustainability and environmental responsibility are increasingly important, 3Bee's corporate gifts are the perfect choice for those who want to combine the useful with the enjoyable, demonstrating commitment and ecological awareness. From tech hives and nectar trees to Polly Houses, each 3Bee product is designed to provide a unique and engaging experience that reflects the values of the company and its employees. In addition to supporting green and social projects, 3Bee's corporate gifts allow companies to communicate their commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices. Don't miss the opportunity to make a difference: choose 3Bee corporate gifts and embark on a journey toward a greener, more responsible and sustainable future with your employees and customers. Join us to leave a positive legacy for future generations.

    By Elena FraccaroApril 27, 2023

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