3Bee Corporate Gifts: Your Commitment to Biodiversity

    3Bee corporate gifts are the result of the hard work of bees and beekeepers, driven by courage, sacrifice, and love for the planet. They are unique and original gifts suitable for all occasions, capable of engaging and inspiring all stakeholders of your company.
    3Bee Corporate Gifts: Your Commitment to Biodiversity


    Who is 3Bee?

    3Bee is a climate-tech company that protects biodiversity and offers innovative solutions to help preserve the lives of pollinators, guardians of the health of our ecosystems. We monitor and protect biodiversity through our technologies. Our teams of engineers, scientists, and communicators work together to provide innovative solutions to companies seeking to make a positive impact on the environment. Our services are turnkey, and we develop solutions to help you communicate your commitment with 3Bee. By choosing 3Bee corporate gifts, you will not only support a company actively involved in environmental protection but also contribute to supporting biodiversity and pollinators.

    Offer Biodiversity

    Are you looking to give gifts to your employees to thank them for their work? But you don't want to offer the usual goodies... You want to give meaningful gifts that have a direct impact on the environment. Then 3Bee corporate gifts are perfect for you! Our unique offering of connected beehives, nectar trees, and Polly houses (shelters for solitary bees) provides companies with an eco-responsible alternative to traditional gifts. By choosing our offering, companies can make an informed choice and have a positive impact on their industry. Discover how 3Bee can help you support the environment and contribute positively to the preservation of the planet.

    Symbol of Company Commitment

    3Bee corporate gifts make a significant contribution to the regeneration of biodiversity, both environmentally and socially. These sustainable and ethical gifts demonstrate your company's commitment to a greener future where biodiversity can thrive, and allow companies to play an active role in this transition. Choosing 3Bee corporate gifts is not a casual decision; it is a genuine commitment. Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity to communicate this commitment. By doing so, you are not only giving gifts to your employees but also giving yourself the opportunity to communicate your commitment. For each project carried out with 3Bee, you will have a dedicated webpage called "Oasis" where all the data of your action is visible, such as the number of adopted beehives or trees. Here you can find an example of an Oasis.

    Engage Your Employees in Biodiversity

    3Bee corporate gifts also enable you to engage your employees in biodiversity and raise awareness on the subject. Once your employees receive their gift, they have the option to use it through a code and choose whether they want to adopt a tree or a beehive. This sponsorship is then visible in the company's Oasis, and they receive a personal adoption certificate to attest to their commitment to the cause. With the 3Bee application, they can embark on a one-year educational journey and witness firsthand the positive impact of their actions. This active participation creates a sense of responsibility and pride in their contribution to environmental and species protection. 3Bee gifts bring your employees together around a shared mission to protect our planet.

    Make a Difference - Contact Us

    Our team of experts in sustainable development and biodiversity conservation is here to support you in all your projects. We already work on biodiversity project with more than 500 companies. We are here to assist you at every step, from conception to implementation on your company's site. We offer personalized solutions to meet your environmental and social objectives, and our professional team is available to provide technical advice throughout your project. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and discuss your needs.

    By Elena FraccaroMay 11, 2023

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