Symbiosis between clean energy and biodiversity: BEENERGY

    Bees are the energy of our planet, just like the sun. BeEnergy creates a win-win synergy through a local, tangible and measurable project that, through the regeneration of biodiversity, creates a benefit for the actors involved, the local community and the environment.
    Symbiosis between clean energy and biodiversity: BEENERGY


    The project: what is BeEnergy ?

    The initiative envisages the creation of a symbiosis between clean energy and biodiversity that generates 'shared value' for the actors involved, the local communities and the environment. The inclusion of pollinators, honey bees, wild bees and related nectariferous plants, in the solar parks allows for the regeneration of biodiversity in the area, the benefits of which accrue to the entire community. This project allows a strategic repositioning of the partner company in terms of image, reputation and communicability towards communities and institutions.

    Agri-Voltaic Systems: What do the guidelines say?

    The guidelines for agri-voltaic installations have been published and 3Bee is the ideal partner to develop this type of project, as BeEnergy meets the requirements of the guidelines to combine agricultural production with clean energy production. 3Bee, through its Hive-tech, an IoT system developed to protect bees and safeguard biodiversity, enables the monitoring of agricultural production by effectively demonstrating its existence, crop yield and maintenance of productivity.

    Bees are energy for the planet

    BeEnergy is a project that mitigates the impact of photovoltaic or wind farms while preserving biodiversity. Why 3Bee and why bees? The project is based on the installation of a technological apiary and the planting of nectar sources in the vicinity of the solar or wind farm and according to the size of the area to be pollinated. Bees are important bio-indicators of the health of the environment and of humans, and are essential to the preservation of the balance of ecosystems. Indeed, 75% of food crops and 90% of wild plants and flowers depend on pollination by these tiny insects.

    3Bee technology and monitoring systems

    3Bee has developed Hive-Tech, a decision support system for beekeepers based on IoT sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms. 3Bee's objective is to move from traditional beehive management based on the use of chemical treatments to management based on the analysis of data inside and outside the hive. The device detects the biological parameters that characterise the health of the hive (temperature, humidity, sound spectrum and weight). The data collected by the sensors are analysed by means of AI algorithms that allow the prevention of pathologies. This technology not only monitors the well-being of pollinators, but also ensures continuity in the monitoring of agricultural production, as stated in the guidelines.

    Creation of a technological apiary

    The project will be based on the installation of an apiary near the solar or wind farm. Depending on the size of the area to be pollinated, an apiary consisting of hives equipped with Hive-Tech IoT systems will be installed and the management of the hives will be entrusted by 3Bee to a beekeeper in its network. Correct positioning of the hives would allow pollination and nectar collection over the entire area of the park, without creating damage to the energy production and problems for the periodic maintenance of the systems.

    Why is 3Bee the ideal partner?

    Why should a partner choose 3Bee and activate the BeEnergy project? Because 3Bee is a scientific partner and the owner of the hive technology, developed and tested over the years. There is no middleman, the 3Bee team is the only contact for the implementation of the environmental mitigation, protection and biomonitoring project. The project is delivered on a turnkey basis, with 3Bee taking care of the implementation in all phases, from agronomic analyses to the realisation of the technological apiary. In addition, through educational and awareness-raising projects, it actively involves the whole community in the project.

    Involvement of the local community

    Community involvement of all age groups in education and sustainability. 3Bee has created a plan with additional services to accompany the BeEnergy project to involve the local community and stakeholders. Through an educational journey to discover the world of bees, it is also possible to involve the local school. In addition to the educational material, the pupils will receive a branded 3Bee app to monitor the bees in the apiary 24/7. Children will also have the opportunity to get to know these beautiful insects up close and personal through the 'School in the Apiary' experiences, where they will be guided safely through the world of bees by a 3Bee beekeeper.

    By Elena FraccaroSeptember 28, 2022

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