Adopt A Hive With 3Bee: Choose Your Bees And Beekeeper

    Adopt a Hive” is a 3Bee project that aims at concretely helping bees and beekeepers that tend them, giving the chance to everybody to move closer to these incredible pollinators. Discover how you can support beekeepers and protect bees!
    Adopt A Hive With 3Bee: Choose Your Bees And Beekeeper


    Why “Adopt a Hive”?

    3Bee produces remote monitoring systems for hives. We are extremely conscious that bees, their health, and their survival, are essential for our planet and for biodiversity. For this reason, we want not only to help beekeeper to better manage their apiaries, intervening only when necessary. We to let everyone who wants to sustain those virtuous Italian beekeepers, interested in achieving the best possible management of their bees, to adopt the hive monitored with our systems. In this way, you can follow step by step the development of the hive, directly from your smartphone or your computer. Consulting the data gathered by our systems installed in the apiaries, you can see the development of your bees and whether they’re doing well.

    How to become a “Hive Adopter”?

    Adopting a hive is super easy. You shall only choose the beekeeper, the hive, and the honey typology you prefer the most. You can pick a hive close to your home, to support a local beekeeper, or one installed in another region. You can let yourself be guided by instinct or give your support to the beekeeping company that inspires you the most. You can choose among different adoption plans, to which a different amount of honey and various kind of biodiversity are associated.

    Does “Adopt a Hive” work?

    What does it happen after choosing beekeeper, hive, honey and adoption plan? You will immediately receive your login credentials to enter the platform and the digital certificate of your adoption. Thus, you can start monitoring you hive. For a whole year, you will remotely follow the different development stages of the hive: from the strong spring growth to the calmer winter months. Then, you will receive directly at home the honey you have chosen. Based on the moment you adopt your hive, you can receive your honey at the end of the beekeeping season, that runs out approximately in September, or during the months when the beekeeper has less things to do in the apiary, in autumn and in winter. We want to let you closer and closer to bees and to your adopted hive. Thus, we are continuously improving our platform to let beekeeper upload videos and photos of their bees and hives.

    Discover the beekeepers

    Adopt a hive can be an incredible gift for the people you care the most. You can choose the exact day when the emails with the login credential and the adoption certificate will be delivered. The honey will be sent directly to the receiver, but both of you will be able to monitor your bees from your smartphone. Who are the beekeepers that participateto our project “Adopt a hive”? They are many, in all part of Italy! Their honey, a genuine and quality product, is the clear expression of the area where bees collect nectar and pollen. Every honey typology is unique and special, a real biodiversity treasure! Discover all of them here.

    By Elena FraccaroNovember 11, 2020

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