Why is biodiversity important for the environment?

    Why is biodiversity important for the environment?

    Biodiversity is important for the environment. In this article we explore its role in the balance of ecosystems, the services it provides, its importance for scientific research and its impact on human well-being. Find out how 3Bee is committed to protecting biodiversity with Oases.

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    21/06/2023Of Elena Fraccaro
    21/06/2023Of Elena Fraccaro

    What is biodiversity

    The term biodiversity, coined in 1988 by the American entomologist E. O. Wilson, represents the richness of life on earth: the millions of plants, animals and microorganisms, the genes they contain, and the complex ecosystems they make up in the biosphere. Biodiversity also includes diversity understood as the abundance, distribution and interaction between the various components of the system. This concept covers both living beings and the physical and inorganic components of ecosystems that interact with each other. In addition, biodiversity includes human cultural diversity, which is adversely affected by the same factors that affect biodiversity. According to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, genetic diversity, species diversity and ecosystem diversity are the three main aspects that define biodiversity, representing the number, variety and variability of living organisms and the ecological systems in which they are found.

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    Biodiversity and ecosystem balance

    biodiversity is essential for maintaining the balance of ecosystems. Species occupy specific ecological niches and interact with each other to form an intricate web of relationships. These interactions regulate populations, control nutrient cycles and maintain the stability of the ecosystem as a whole. However, the loss of biodiversity has negative consequences for the balance and stability of ecosystems. Decreased species and reduced interactions can lead to ecological imbalances, with cascading effects on the health of the entire system. Biodiversity is fundamental to maintaining the resilience of ecosystems and preserving their ability to provide vital services for the environment and humanity.

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    Biodiversity and ecosystem services

    biodiversity provides a wide range of essential ecosystem services both to the ecosystems themselves and to humanity. Supply services include the production of food, drinking water, timber and building materials. Biodiversity is fundamental to the maintenance of soil fertility and the efficiency of nutrient cycles, which support food production. The regulatory services are concerned with disease control, air and water purification, as well as climate regulation and carbon uptake. The cultural services include the aesthetic and spiritual value that nature offers people, contributing to psychological well-being and connection with the environment. Finally, supportive services, such as plant pollination, are fundamental to the functioning of ecosystems and food production. Biodiversity plays an indispensable role in providing these essential services, vital for survival.

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    Biodiversity and scientific research

    biodiversity is fundamental to scientific research and medical advancement. Thanks to species diversity, numerous useful substances have been discovered for the production of drugs and medical treatments. Biodiversity serves as a reservoir of unique chemical compounds and biological adaptations that can be exploited to develop new therapies. Furthermore, the concept of biomimicry is based on the inspiration that nature provides through observation and imitation of biological processes to create innovative technological solutions. By studying living organisms, scientists can draw inspiration to develop new devices and technologies that mimic nature's characteristics and functions. Biodiversity is therefore an endless source of inspiration for scientific research and offers immense potential for medical and technological progress.

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    Biodiversity and human well-being

    biodiversity has a significant impact on human well-being, particularly on the mental and emotional level. Natural environments rich in biodiversity offer concrete benefits for mental health, as interaction with nature can reduce stress, improve mood and promote psychological well-being. The presence of a variety of plants, animals and landscapes stimulates our senses and connects us with nature. Studies show that spending time in natural environments encourages mental rest, increases concentration and promotes creativity. In addition, experiencing nature can foster physical activity, socialisation and a sense of community. It is important to preserve biodiversity and ensure the enjoyment of natural environments that are accessible to all, such as the Biodiversity Oases of 3Bee, as this contributes to the overall wellbeing of people and the balance between humans and their environment.

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    The situation of biodiversity in Italy

    With one of the highest numbers of animal and plant species and habitat types in Europe, Italy can be considered a hotspot of biodiversity. In fact, in Italy there are 8,249 species and subspecies of vascular plants, 1,209 bryophytes and 2,704 lichens (source: ISPRA). And there are over 58,000 species of fauna (about 60,000 if subspecies are also considered). This wealth is also very valuable because a very high percentage of these species are endemic, i.e. they only live within our borders. We have a full conservation responsibility for these species, and in order to preserve them it is essential to counteract the threat factors that put them at risk, more effectively than hitherto. In light of this data - and more - 3Bee has recently launched the Oases of Biodiversity, with refuges for pollinators and native flora, places certified by the traceable impact.

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    Protecting biodiversity with 3Bee

    3Bee is committed every day to protecting biodiversity through technology. In fact, the esg/le-oasi-business/" target="_blank">Oases of Biodiversity offer a unique opportunity to regenerate our planet: they are extraordinary natural laboratories where scientific studies and monitoring are carried out. Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and advanced monitoring systems, 3Bee collects valuable data on biodiversity, bee colony health, pollinator presence, air quality and plant diversity. With this data, it is possible to assess the impact of the actions taken and make any improvements within the Oasis, ensuring a scientifically based approach to biodiversity conservation. Together we can make a difference and build a world in which biodiversity is enhanced and protected with technology. Contact us and start your journey to protect biodiversity with 3Bee now.

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    21/06/2023Of Elena Fraccaro
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