“Voices from the Oases”: 3Bee’s Playlist for Biodiversity

    3Bee launches an innovative playlist that plays the unique sounds of pollinators recorded by their proprietary Spectrum technology. A special outreach project, amplified by the support of Metro 5 Milan, to highlight the role of cities in regeneration.
    “Voices from the Oases”: 3Bee’s Playlist for Biodiversity


    Voices from the Oases - 3Bee

    The First Playlist for Safeguarding Biodiversity

    Ahead of World Habitat Day, 3Bee, the Nature Tech company leading in biodiversity protection through technology, launches "Voices from the Oases," the first and only playlist available on Spotify. It plays for the conservation of biodiversity by reproducing the unique sounds of pollinators recorded by their proprietary Spectrum technology. A special awareness-raising project aimed at citizens, organizations, and companies regarding the important issue of protecting biodiversity and pollinators, and the crucial role they play in our cities as well.

    nature restoration law

    The Context: The Importance of the Nature Restoration Law

    Last July 12, the European Parliament passed the Nature Restoration Law, a historic moment for our planet, a key law in support of the EU's Biodiversity Strategy 2030 that sets important goals. Indeed, the Nature Restoration Law calls for restoring 20 percent of the EU's land and marine areas by 2030. Also targeted for restoration are cities, where green spaces play a key role in combating the effects of climate change. 3Bee has been a longtime supporter of the Nature Restoration Law, working toward this goal for five years now.

    Voices from the Oases - Impulso Apis

    The “Voices from the Oases” Project for Pollinators

    The Voices from the Oases project takes on special significance in this context, not least in light of the threat of extinction that many species face: according to ISPRA, 9 percent of bees and pollinating insects are at risk of extinction, a situation exacerbated by global warming. Pollinating insects, responsible for about 75 percent of the world's crops, are important to protect, although their decline is not as visible as other environmental emergencies. Hence, "Voices from the Oases," the first playlist of pollinator sounds recorded by 3Bee's Spectrum technology, was created with precisely this goal in mind, emphasizing how crucial pollinators are to our ecosystem and making their voices heard with the intention of reaching as many listeners as possible, urging citizens and businesses not to forget about these invaluable insects.

    Voices from the Oases - Xylocopa Tale

    The Support of Metro 5 Milan

    The project is accompanied by a special campaign that 3Bee has created with the support of Metro 5 Milan: in fact, in the Milan Porta Garibaldi and Lotto stations, until October 15, there will be more than 50 billboards entirely dedicated to pollinating insects, precious guardians of biodiversity. Travelers will be able to immerse themselves in a veritable musical exhibition dedicated to the theme, symbolizing an urgent call to action to protect our fragile ecosystem. Indeed, the loss of biodiversity, precisely because it is not monitored, is an urgent emergency that must be addressed.


    The Element-E Monitoring Protocol Developed by 3Bee

    At the heart of this campaign is the Element-E certified monitoring protocol developed by 3Bee, an innovative approach based on new technologies and partnerships with organizations and research institutions. The first step of the protocol is based on Flora technology, in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA), which is software that uses Artificial Intelligence and satellite imagery to map the study area and estimate the potential biodiversity of the habitat and its suitability for pollinators. The second phase focuses on an IoT sensor developed by 3Bee called Spectrum, a "sound ear" that is placed in the study area to detect the amount and types of pollinators present. This noninvasive technology picks up the vibrations emitted by these insects as they fly; thanks to the beating of their wings, each pollinator emits a characteristic sound wave that allows 3Bee to assess their abundance.

    3Bee Biodiversity Oasis

    Biodiversity oasis: a real commitment to business

    In this way, 3Bee provides a technical and scientific tool in line with ESG goals, supporting companies in optimizing their policies for the protection and conservation of biodiversity and inviting them to become guardians of it by taking part in the Biodiversity Oases protection project: urban and agroforestry biodiversity habitats with refuges for pollinators and native flora, certified places with traceable impact thanks to 3Bee technology. Companies can become custodians of these spaces by implementing measurable biodiversity protection projects while engaging their stakeholders.

    3Bee nectar tree

    A concrete action: one nectar tree for every 1,000 listens

    "To counter the loss of biodiversity in urban areas, it is essential that we become agents of change and encourage the return of nature to our cities. We need a targeted, scientific, and judicious biodiversity plan: only in this way will we become resilient to the most adverse forms of weather we will experience in the coming years. - says Niccolò Calandri, CEO of 3Bee - Our goal is to create 10,000 Oases of Biodiversity within two years, and we can only achieve this through the commitment and contribution of virtuous entities and businesses willing to make an impact with a tangible and measurable regeneration project. With the "Voices from the Oases" campaign, we want to send an important awareness message, because the loss of biodiversity cannot go unnoticed: for every 1,000 listens, we will plant a nectariferous tree."

    Voices from the Oases - Longicornis Lullaby

    Voices from the Oases: 3Bee's call for biodiversity

    Coinciding with Green Week and World Habitat Day, the "Voices from the Oases" campaign is a cry of alarm, but also an ode to hope and positive change. 3Bee gives a voice to those who have none, bringing to light the delicate balance on which the life of our planet rests. It is an urgent and concrete call to action, foregrounding biodiversity as an indispensable pillar for a sustainable future. Every single listen, every single action, contributes to the defense of this fundamental balance. Because we can't forget that biodiversity loss is one of the most urgent emergencies we have to face.

    By Elena FraccaroSeptember 21, 2023

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