ESTECO and its efforts for greater biodiversity with 3Bee

    ESTECO and its efforts for greater biodiversity with 3Bee

    ESTECO is an independent software company creating desktop, enterprise and mobile solutions to make digital innovation happen across many different industries. We have explored their efforts to contribute to greater biodiversity together with Carlo Poloni, ESTECO's President.

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    25/09/2023Of Elena Fraccaro
    25/09/2023Of Elena Fraccaro

    What does impact mean for ESTECO

    ESTECO, its products and its mission are all focused, in simple words, upon optimizing and improving our world. This includes minimizing the use of natural resources, energy and emissions, and CO2 footprint. With our technology we support our customers and help them make a positive impact on the planet and society. We strive to lower the consumption of precious resources and improve the quality of life for everyone, trying to have an impact not only on our customers’ businesses but, of course, on the well-being of our employees.


    ESTECO's key sustainability practices

    As a global company with over 150 employees, we're committed to protecting the environment and the well-being of our people and local community. We have taken several actions to promote sustainable behavior among ESTECO collaborators - from conscious use of energy such as heating or air conditioning to responsible consumption of resources like a wise use of water. We have also raised awareness about social responsibility. Our flexible hours and hybrid working policies further help to lower our impact on the environment. We pay attention also to foster human rights, gender equality and responsible labor practices.


    ESTECO's challenges and key achievements on sustainability

    We've always believed that chasing perfection means making the world a better place. Our biggest challenge is contributing everyday to the making of safer vehicles, faster trains, lighter aircrafts, more efficient devices. With our solutions we want to help our customers design better, future-proof products, while making life easier both for software users and for final customers. Among our successes, we can include the adoption of a biomonitoring hive in collaboration with 3Bee, which means protecting more than 300.000 bees and the pollination of 300 million flowers.


    ESTECO and 3Bee: the partnership to protect biodiversity

    We operate as our bees in Luna, the biomonitoring hive we adopted. We help companies save time and money optimizing processes. Through a unique technology, esg/hive-business/" target="_blank">3Bee Hive-Tech, we can constantly and comprehensively monitor our hive. This innovative technology allows monitoring environmental parameters to analyse the surrounding biodiversity and the health of pollinators. We think global but we also want to act local: therefore we chose a biomonitoring hive located near us. Erikin vrt - Il giardino di Erika is our beekeeper and biodiversity grower in San Dorligo della Valle, nearby ESTECO Headquarters in Trieste. In her garden, she cultivates medicinal herbs, which are extremely important for pollinators' health and good for local biodiversity.

    3Bee Hive-Tech
    25/09/2023Of Elena Fraccaro
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