Improve your CSR report by adopting a corporate beehive

    3Bee hive sponsorship is an innovative approach to improve your CSR approach while supporting biodiversity. Sponsor a connected beehive and monitor your bees from your app, while educating your employees about the importance of pollination.
    Improve your CSR report by adopting a corporate beehive


    Adopt a connected corporate beehive

    It is possible to adopt a corporate hive with Hive-Tech technology by sponsoring it remotely (at the beekeeper's premises), in order to protect the bees and support a local beekeeper, but it is also possible to install a hive directly on your company's grounds: a tailor-made project of sustainability, environmental biomonitoring and stakeholder engagement. It is a project that can be implemented both on site and remotely: the company exclusively adopt one or more hives and can monitor them via an application. Data on the health of the hive is transmitted to the companies, which can share it to show their commitment to biodiversity.

    Improve your CSR report with 3Bee

    Adopting a 3Bee corporate beehive is beneficial to your business on several levels. Firstly, it demonstrates your commitment to the environment and biodiversity, which can improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS). Secondly, the 3Bee application allows your employees to follow the health of the hive and to better understand its functioning thanks to the photos and videos posted by the beekeeper as well as the different actions carried out at the apiary. This strengthens the commitment of the employees and the corporate culture. Finally, sponsoring a corporate beehive contributes to improving your CSR approach by protecting biodiversity and making your employees aware of the importance of pollination and the preservation of urban biodiversity.

    Adoption of a connected hive at a beekeeper's place

    To adopt your company hive, you can adopt the connected hive directly from a beekeeper. He will take care of your bees for you. You will be able to monitor them remotely from our app or you will receive news, photos and videos from the hive. The adopted hive will be equipped with our Hive-tech technology allowing you to know all the vital parameters of your hive. Through this project, you will participate in the protection of bees but also support a local beekeeper. You are then committed to an ecological and social approach.

    Your connected beehive on your company's grounds

    Installing a connected beehive on your company's grounds with 3Bee is easy thanks to our turnkey solution. First, we find the beekeeper who will manage your hive and provide the hive and bees. Then we install the 3Bee technology on the hive to monitor its health. You can access the 3Bee app to monitor the status of the hive and see daily updates from the beekeeper. Finally, we provide guidance to help you understand how the hive works and we take care of harvesting the honey safely. With 3Bee's connected hive, you can contribute to biodiversity, improve your NPS and CSR, and enjoy your own corporate honey.

    Communicate your commitment

    3Bee provides a custom landing page for your company called "Oasis", which you can share with all your employees. This webpage contains all your project data and can be used to promote your 3Bee Connected Hive on LinkedIn and your social networks. We are proud to offer an innovative turnkey solution for companies looking to integrate nature into their work environment. We hope this article has convinced you of the benefits of the 3Bee Connected Corporate Hive for your business and the environment. If you have any questions about sponsoring a connected corporate beehive or about our 3Bee technology, please contact us.

    Beehive adoption with 3Bee

    Our team of experts in sustainable development and biodiversity conservation is here to support you in your corporate beehive adoption project. We are here to guide you through the entire process, from project conception to implementation at your company site, and to meet your needs by providing customised solutions to meet your environmental and social objectives. Our team of professionals, who have carried out over 500 projects with companies, is available to advise you and provide technical support throughout your project. Contact us now to find out more about the services we offer and to discuss your needs.

    By Elena FraccaroMay 11, 2023

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