Corporate Workshops: Engage with Biodiversity

    Discover 3Bee's sustainable corporate experiences that engage employees in environmental education and awareness activities. From beekeeping and planting workshops to biodiversity tastings, improve engagement and promote sustainability.
    Corporate Workshops: Engage with Biodiversity


    A new approach to employee engagement

    In today's working environment, companies are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their activities and the importance of promoting sustainable values among employees. Corporate experiences are an innovative and effective way to engage employees in activities that not only make them more aware of environmental issues, but also contribute to the well-being of the planet. 3Bee, through its Employee Engagement & Education service, offers a series of unique experiences that allow employees to experience first-hand the company's mission and vision related to sustainability. Through immersive workshops and hands-on activities, participants are introduced to crucial topics such as biodiversity, environmental responsibility and conservation of natural resources. Choosing sustainable corporate experiences means investing in employee education and, at the same time, in the health of our planet.

    Immersive experiences: revolutionising corporate training

    At 3Bee we transform traditional corporate training, bringing employees into a new paradigm of experience-based learning. The activities we propose are designed to stimulate participants' curiosity, interest and engagement, promoting an active and engaging approach. The locations immersed in nature, available throughout Italy, are the ideal setting for unforgettable experiences that foster cohesion among employees and bring them closer to the world of sustainability. Our training offer includes a variety of experiences, such as the Beekeeper for a Day workshop, the Sustainable Academy and honey tastings, which allow employees to discover new perspectives and acquire skills to face the challenges of the present and the future. Relying on 3Bee for corporate engagement experiences means investing in a state-of-the-art training model capable of generating value for both the company and the employees.

    Planting your own company forest: a concrete commitment

    Planting their own company forest involves employees in a practical and meaningful experience, demonstrating their commitment to environmental protection. Employees are directly involved in the planting of trees, creating a tangible link with the local area and strengthening their sense of collective responsibility. By organising a day at one of 3Bee's growers, employees can see for themselves where the company forest will be planted and contribute to its creation. This initiative not only fosters cohesion among employees and strengthens the corporate culture, but also has a positive impact on the ecosystem, contributing to the preservation of biodiversity and mitigating the effects of climate change. Planting its own forest represents a long-term investment in sustainability and the well-being of the planet, testifying to the company's commitment to pursuing a more responsible future.

    Sustainable Academy: sustainability training

    3Bee's Sustainable Academy is an innovative and engaging training course designed to raise employees' awareness of environmental sustainability and provide them with the tools to act responsibly and consciously. The programme is divided into three modules, each focusing on a fundamental aspect of sustainability: the first module deals with the concept of sustainability in general, the second focuses on biodiversity, and the third explores the role of pollinators and the 3Bee project. The modules can be taken in a single appointment or at different times during the year, offering a flexible learning experience. The teaching method used includes an interactive lecture part with gamification elements, followed by group work to consolidate theoretical concepts and subsequent Q&A. The Sustainable Academy is a unique opportunity to learn more about environmental issues and promote a corporate culture that is attentive to sustainability.

    Become a beekeeper for a day

    The Beekeeper for a Day workshop offered by 3Bee is an extraordinary opportunity for employees to immerse themselves in the world of bees and understand the importance of biodiversity and the role of pollinators in the ecosystem. Thanks to the expertise of 3Bee's beekeepers, participants are guided through an educational journey that takes them through the workings of the hive, the life cycle of bees and honey production techniques. With the aid of personal protective equipment, they can experience this extraordinary adventure in safety. At the end of the workshop, each participant receives a branded beekeeper's suit, a certificate of participation and a jar of honey - concrete symbols of the company's commitment to promoting sustainability. Beekeeper for a day is an experience that helps strengthen the bond between employees and the company, which shares with them the responsibility of caring for the environment.

    Honey tastings to discover local biodiversity

    3Bee's biodiversity tastings allow employees to discover different types of honey through a sensory journey into the world of honey and themed aperitifs. Thanks to the expert guidance of a beekeeper enrolled in the National Register of Experts in Sensory Analysis of Honey, participants learn to recognise and taste several varieties of honey, each of which is an expression of the biodiversity of a specific region. During the workshop, employees acquire knowledge about the organoleptic characteristics of honey and the different plants from which bees collect nectar, understanding the importance of preserving biodiversity for the quality of agrifood products and the health of the ecosystem.

    A strategic investment in corporate welness

    The corporate experiences offered by 3Bee are a great way to increase employee involvement and improve their sense of belonging to the company. By participating in experiential workshops and hands-on activities related to environmental sustainability, employees develop a greater awareness of ecological challenges and a deep sense of responsibility towards the planet. In addition, these experiences foster collaboration between colleagues and the creation of a more cohesive and motivated working environment. By investing in the well-being and training of their employees, companies can expect increased productivity and an improved organisational climate, as well as strengthening their image as an ethical and sustainable organisation. In this way, our corporate experiences represent a strategic investment for companies wishing to thrive in an increasingly environmentally and socially conscious environment.

    Engage your employees with sustainable experiences

    In a world where environmental and social issues are increasingly central, choosing to invest in the sustainable business experiences offered by 3Bee is a far-sighted and responsible decision. The activities offered by 3Bee, such as nectariferous forest planting, sustainability training and biodiversity tastings, allow companies to concretely demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and the development of an ethical and responsible corporate culture. Moreover, the active involvement of employees in these experiences makes them protagonists of change and motivates them to adopt more sustainable behaviour, both at work and in their daily lives. Choosing 3Bee means investing in a greener and more sustainable future, in which companies and their employees actively work together for the protection of the planet and the well-being of future generations.

    By Elena FraccaroApril 28, 2023

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