Improve your CSR report by adopting your corporate's forest

    A nectariferous forest rebuilds an ecosystem of biodiversity that protects pollinators and absorbs CO2. Thus, 3Bee corporate forests are the innovative solution for companies that want to have a positive impact on the environment.
    Improve your CSR report by adopting your corporate's forest


    Adopt your company's nectariferous forest

    Climate change and awareness of the human impact on the environment have led many companies to look for sustainable solutions to reduce their ecological footprint and actively contribute to the protection of our planet. 3Bee's nectar tree forests represent a unique opportunity for companies that want to embrace sustainability and social responsibility. By planting and managing corporate forests, 3Bee offers significant benefits to the planet, the land, the company's resources, the company itself and its community. In this article, we'll explore how adopting a corporate forest can improve your CSR report and why 3Bee is the ideal partner for sustainable businesses that want to commit to a more responsible and prosperous future for all. Join us to discover 3Bee's corporate forests!

    How the nectariferous forest adoption works

    Each forest project consists of 50 trees of about 1 to 2 years old. The trees are planted on the land of our partner growers who will take care of them throughout their life. This project can therefore be carried out remotely, by choosing a plot of land made available by 3Bee, or on the companies' own land if they have land suitable for planting. In the latter case, an agronomic analysis is first carried out through the ESA (European Space Agency) to assess the biodiversity of the specific area, followed by the planting project. We plant in each forest 3 different species of nectariferous trees with different flowering to offer nectar to pollinators for as long as possible. From our application you can follow the growth of your trees and have access to photos of them.

    Improve your CSR report with 3Bee forest

    Adopting a 3Bee corporate forest is beneficial to your business on many levels. It has a positive impact on the environment, as the forests help to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, create a haven for biodiversity and help to improve air, water and soil quality. Moreover, the creation of these forests also has a social benefit as it creates jobs in the forestry sector. You can also actively involve your employees in the planting and management of company forests. Indeed, we offer team building tree planting. During one day your employees have the opportunity to plant your company forest.

    Benefits for your company

    Adopting a corporate forest offers concrete benefits for the company itself. Corporate forests allow for sustainability reporting based on objective and qualitative criteria, which serve to demonstrate the company's commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility. By monitoring and tracking data, companies can evaluate the effectiveness of their initiatives and continuously improve their sustainability strategies. In addition, by involving stakeholders in the project, the company's image and reputation can be enhanced, creating value for the entire organisation.

    Nectariferous forest adoption with 3Bee

    Our team of experts in sustainability and biodiversity conservation is here to support you in your corporate forest adoption project. We are here to guide you through the entire process, from project conception to implementation on your company's site, and we are here to meet your needs by proposing customised solutions to meet your environmental and social objectives. Our team of professionals, who have carried out over 500 projects with companies, is available to advise you and provide technical support throughout your project. Contact us now to find out more about the services we offer and to discuss your needs.

    Communicate your commitment

    3Bee provides a custom landing page for your company called "Oasis", which you can share with all your employees. Here you can find an example of Oasis. This webpage contains all your project data and can be used to promote your 3Bee Nectariferous forest on LinkedIn and your social networks. We are proud to offer an innovative turnkey solution for companies looking to integrate nature into their work environment. We hope this article has convinced you of the benefits of the 3Bee Connected Corporate Hive for your business and the environment. If you have any questions about adopting a connected corporate beehive or about our 3Bee technology, please contact us.

    By Elena FraccaroMay 11, 2023

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