Adopt a business hive: create your own oasis

    Increase the environmental and social impact of your business by activating a corporate sustainability project with 3Bee. You can create your own corporate beehive, branded honey, workshops and much more. Become a sustainability champion with 3Bee
    Adopt a business hive: create your own oasis


    Beehives and company apiaries

    Business project around the world of bees and biodiversity. With 3Bee you can reduce the environmental impact of your company. With the "Corporate Hive" project, you can remotely adopt an apiary of 5 hives or build one in an agreed location. Your company's hives will be monitored by Hive-tech devices, and you can control them at any time. You can also make sustainable corporate gifts, choosing from a variety of products provided by bees, such as honey sweets, honey jars, books on beekeeping and honey curiosities and bee seeds.

    Create an environmental impact with 3Bee

    People, companies and beekeepers are making the world a better place. Many companies have already started to protect bees and preserve biodiversity. Here are the results so far: -60 million bees monitored - 600 million flowers pollinated - over 1000 hives monitored - 302 tons of CO2 absorbed (indirectly). Below are some success stories where the involvement of a company, large or small, has had a very significant social or environmental impact.

    NeN protects biodiversity

    NeN, Italy's first EnerTech startup and a member of the A2A Group, is a 100% green, 100% digital and now 180,000 times api-friendly gas and electricity supplier. It is committed to building a corporate social responsibility on a daily basis, which translates into the development of a system of daily actions in favour of the social and environmental sphere. With the aim of participating in 3Bee's Pollinate the Planet programme for sustainability-conscious brands, NeN has chosen to finance the installation of three monitoring systems on as many beehives distributed throughout Italy and to allow its customers to contribute to the initiative. With this action, NeN and 3Bee have made it possible to take a further step in the evolution of traditional beekeeping towards sustainable beekeeping.

    Inside Technologies has chosen bees

    As a company specialising in providing IT solutions and services for digital transformation and the modern workplace, Inside Technologies proudly promotes its commitment to the environment. In partnership with 3Bee, the company has chosen to protect over 60,000 bees and pollinate over 60 million flowers. 3Bee identified the most appropriate network beekeeper, installed the monitoring device and finally shared the monitoring identification information with the company directly from the 3Bee application.

    A law firm to defend biodiversity

    Since its foundation in April 2001, MFLaw has always paid particular attention to environmental protection and social issues. In addition to the many initiatives it has taken - such as reducing the use of paper by digitising archives and tracking printouts, adopting a plastic-free policy in all its offices and using very low environmental impact paints, which cleanse the walls of bacteria and viruses and remove toxic substances from the air, In addition, the decision to adopt a beehive to actively support beekeepers and counter the risk of extinction of bees, which are responsible for pollinating around 80% of the food we eat every day.

    CSR and 3Bee, a path to sustainability begins

    With 3Bee, there are different paths to corporate sustainability, creating a corporate apiary, sponsoring a beehive, creating a corporate biodiversity oasis. Or you can get your employees involved, creating an ethical, gentle and exciting project. From simple corporate gifts to beehive tours and shared experiences to engage your team. Communicate sustainably and capture your customers' attention with concrete and transparent actions, conveyed through truly impactful communication. Engage them with a fresh, unique, ethical and positive story and you'll make a difference. No more recycled Christmas baskets. No more last-minute gadgets. Become a bee ally too. To request information, fill in the form at this link.

    By Elena FraccaroSeptember 29, 2022

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