Biodiversity Oasis: Innovation for nature

    Explore 3Bee's Biodiversity Oasis, an innovative service to protect and regenerate nature and its pollinators. Join our mission and discover how technology and biodiversity meet to create a greener future for businesses and the planet.
    Biodiversity Oasis: Innovation for nature


    Introduction to the Biodiversity Oasis

    Welcome to the world of the Biodiversity Oasis, an innovative and revolutionary initiative developed by 3Bee, the first player in the industry to offer such a service for businesses. Our vision is to connect nature with technology, enabling the protection of biodiversity through a sustainable and efficient model. Our mission is to become the leading climate-tech company in protecting biodiversity through technology solutions that help protect pollinators, plants and life on Earth. Join us and learn how 3Bee is transforming the way companies interact with the environment and strive for a greener, more sustainable future.

    Why biodiversity is critical for our planet ?

    Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth, encompassing the diversity of ecosystems, species and their genetic diversity. Its importance is undeniable, as it plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems and providing essential services such as oxygen production, soil erosion control, water purification and plant pollination. However, due to human activities such as deforestation, pollution, urbanization and climate change, biodiversity is under threat. Therefore, it is crucial to protect and promote it to ensure a sustainable future for our planet and future generations.

    Biodiversity Oasis: a tangible commitment to the environment

    3Bee offers a wide range of tangible solutions to preserve biodiversity and promote environmental sustainability. The Biodiversity Oasis is a customizable service that can include various products and services including planting nectariferous trees and forests; adopting beehives remotely or on-site; and finally creating step-by-step biodiversity educational pathways by installing various hotel bugs and informational signs in your facility or forest to educate visitors. The Biodiversity oasis is included in every project.

    Corporate beehive

    Together with your company you can participate in the largest pollinator study and protection project by adopting remote technology hives or building them in your own company oasis. Corporate hives enter the bee study project together with our partner ESA. They are monitored with Hive-tech devices, allowing you to track their progress at any time. Through the use of technology, we derive vital information from the bees, reduce starvation by more than -80%, improve grazing management for all pollinators, and help beekeepers move from bee breeders to biodiversity custodians aumetnado resilience to climate change. Choosing corporate hives means combining technology and sustainability to protect bees and promote biodiversity. In return, we also help you communicate your commitment through the honey your bees will produce.

    Nectariferous forests

    By planting nectariferous trees, companies can contribute to the creation of an ideal environment for pollinators. Our forests, which are monitored using ESA sensors and maps, consist of at least three nectariferous species (with different ecosystem potential) that provide pollinators with honey supplies during all seasons. This promotes biodiversity, supports the growth of a variety of plant and animal species and creates an ideal habitat for bees, butterflies and other insects. In addition, the planting of new forests absorbs CO2 and contributes to improved air, water and soil quality, reducing pollution and promoting a healthier environment.

    Biodiversity Adventure

    3Bee's Biodiversity Adventure pathway regenerates and enhances corporate green spaces, creating an educational experience on sustainability and biodiversity within terraces, gardens or balconies. The package includes the installation of three Polly Houses for solitary bees, one butterfly house, one ladybird house and five educational signs. Become a bee- and biodiversity-friendly facility and engage and educate visitors and employees through the various bug hotels along the way. Information materials for adults and children will be available near each hut, turning the experience into an opportunity for learning and environmental awareness.

    3Bee: technology in the service of nature

    The 3Bee team consists of skilled and passionate professionals working together to achieve biodiversity conservation goals. Our engineers develop advanced electronic sensors, 4.0 control processes and use IoT connectivity to monitor and manage Biodiversity Oasis. Agronomists, biologists and data scientists analyse the collected data through neural networks and artificial intelligence algorithms, continuously improving the solutions offered by 3Bee. And communicators ensure transparency, communication and dissemination, sharing information and progress with the public and stakeholders involved. This multidisciplinary approach enables 3Bee to offer cutting-edge and highly effective solutions to preserve biodiversity and promote environmental sustainability. With the help of our team, companies can count on a reliable and competent partner to embark on a green and sustainable path.

    The benefits for companies: CSR, engagement and branding

    Biodiversity Oasis offer several advantages to companies committed to sustainability. Firstly, they improve the environmental impact through CO2 absorption, biodiversity protection and the quality of air, water and soil. They also have a social impact by supporting local communities, creating jobs and income opportunities, and promoting environmental education. By adopting the Biodiversity Oasis, companies improve their sustainability reports with qualitative and quantitative data, tracked and monitored. Through employee engagement, companies see their commitment reflected in a better E-NPS, and a positive and stimulating working atmosphere. Thanks to the customised media-kit, companies can effectively communicate their actions, involving the community and demonstrating a concrete commitment to environmental protection. The Biodiversity Oasis enhances brand reputation and creates value for stakeholders.

    Successful case studies: Foxy and Findus

    The Oasis of Biodiversity has proven its value through several successful case studies. Among them, Foxy launched the 'Love the Bee' project, creating 20 Oasis in each region of Italy in areas with a low biodiversity index. By supporting 20 beekeepers, Foxy contributes to the restoration of natural nectar reservoirs by planting 2,000 trees with high nectar potential to feed pollinators. Findus, on the other hand, has developed an Oasis project involving the planting of 100 tree plants, the installation of an apiary consisting of 5 beehives monitored with Hive-Tech 3Bee technology, the monitoring of pollinators with proximal sensing technology, and the analysis of the flora's biodiversity potential through remote sensing technology. These examples highlight how the Biodiversity Oasis can be adapted to the specific needs of each farm, offering customised solutions that improve environmental engagement.

    Act now: bring sustainability into the company with 3Bee

    Now that you understand the benefits and positive impact that the Biodiversity Oasis can have on our planet and companies, it is time to join our mission. By choosing to implement a Biodiversity Oasis, you are not only contributing to the protection of the environment, but you are also promoting sustainability and social responsibility in your company. You are part of a global movement to create a greener and more sustainable future for future generations. Contact 3Bee today to find out how our expertise, technology and passion for biodiversity can turn your company into a sustainability pioneer.

    By Elena FraccaroApril 27, 2023

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