Offer a sustainable experience for your stakeholders

    Offer a biodiversity trail for your guests with our "Biodiversity Adventure" service. You will offer a unique experience to your visitors and employees while raising awareness about the importance of pollinators.
    Offer a sustainable experience for your stakeholders



    The protection of biodiversity is essential for the survival of life on Earth. Businesses, being powerful development actors, have their role to play in protecting biodiversity. 3Bee is the climate-tech company that protects biodiversity and offers innovative solutions to help preserve the life of pollinators, guardians of the health of our ecosystems. With this in mind, our Biodiversity Oasis project aims to regenerate biodiversity in corporate settings and help partners become sustainable actors in urban communities.

    Transform your structure to protect biodiversity

    Businesses have a crucial role in protecting biodiversity. They can reduce their environmental impact, adopt sustainable agricultural practices, raise public awareness, encourage innovation and collaborate with other civil society actors. By promoting the responsible management of natural resources and developing environmentally friendly technologies, businesses can help preserve biodiversity for future generations. In order to help companies in their environmental protection efforts, we have designed the "Biodiversity Adventure" course, which aims to reintegrate biodiversity into the company's site. Find out more in the following paragraph.

    Host our "Biodiversity Adventure" on your company grounds

    Our "Biodiversity Adventure" project will create a step-by-step educational journey on sustainability and biodiversity on the terraces, gardens or on the site of the accommodation establishments. The establishments will have the opportunity to involve their visitors and employees in this biodiversity project. Along the Biodiversity Adventure route, you will find houses for wild bees (Polly House), ladybirds and butterflies. All these insect hotels will house harmless pollinators and will be placed along the route. Information material for adults and children will be placed near each insect hotel. In this way, the reception structures will become bee and biodiversity friendly structures but will also have an educational and awareness raising dimension.

    Benefit from the many advantages for your company

    With the Biodiversity Adventure project, improve your environmental impact and ESG positioning while involving your employees and visitors. This educational tour will make your company more attractive and show your commitment to biodiversity. Your employees and customers will perceive you as a company that protects biodiversity and essential pollinators. Furthermore, by engaging your employees in your Biodiversity Adventure project, you can increase their level of job satisfaction and foster a positive and motivating work environment. In addition, with a customised media kit, you can communicate your commitment to the environment through a dedicated page and a variety of media content, which will strengthen your community and enhance your brand reputation.

    Setting up your Biodiversity Oasis project - Contact us

    Our team of experts in sustainable development and biodiversity conservation is here to support you in your Biodiversity Oasis project. We are here to guide you through the entire process, from project conception to the actual implementation of the project on your company's site, and we are here to meet your needs by proposing customised solutions to achieve your environmental and social objectives. Our team of professionals is at your disposal to advise you and provide technical support throughout your project. Contact us now to find out more about the services we offer and discuss your needs.

    By Elena FraccaroMay 11, 2023

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