Biodiversity Adventure: Protect Pollinators with 3Bee

    Explore 3Bee's Biodiversity Adventure service to promote biodiversity regeneration, protect pollinators, and engage your visitors and employees in your facility. Take action now for a sustainable future!
    Biodiversity Adventure: Protect Pollinators with 3Bee



    Welcome to the world of biodiversity and pollinators! Biodiversity refers to the variety of life forms on Earth, and pollinators such as bees and butterflies play a crucial role in plant propagation and food production. However, these valuable allies of the ecosystem are in serious peril due to anthropogenic factors. This is where 3Bee's Biodiversity Adventure service comes into play. This innovative project aims to regenerate biodiversity and protect pollinators by creating an educational path on sustainability and biodiversity within your establishment. By doing so, you become a pollinator-friendly and biodiversity-friendly structure, involving and educating your visitors. Read on to discover the importance of biodiversity and pollinators, the issues they face, and how 3Bee's Biodiversity Adventure service can make a difference for a more sustainable future.

    Why biodiversity and pollinators are essential

    Biodiversity is essential for Earth's functioning and the survival of species, including humanity, as it provides crucial ecosystem services for the well-being of all living beings. Pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, play a fundamental role in pollination and biodiversity conservation. Without them, the production of fruits, vegetables and nuts would be reduced, negatively impacting food security and the economy. Furthermore, the disappearance of pollinators would have cascading consequences on the ecosystem's biological diversity and the provision of essential ecosystem services, such as air and water purification, climate regulation, and soil protection.

    Endangered pollinators: a global issue

    Pollinators are in growing decline due to various anthropogenic factors. It is worth noting that due to the loss of natural biodiversity and habitats, today 55% of pollinators are at risk. Among the leading causes is the reduction of ecosystemic biodiversity, in favor of vast intensive monocultures, urbanization and cementing practices. In addition, the effects of climate change, characterized by late frosts and prolonged periods of drought. The combination of these factors has led to alarming situations, threatening the stability of ecosystems and the supply of essential services, putting our future and the health of the planet at risk. It is therefore crucial to find solutions to protect and regenerate biodiversity and support pollinators.

    Biodiversity Adventure: 3Bee's solution

    3Bee offers an innovative solution to regenerate biodiversity and protect pollinators: Biodiversity Adventure. This service creates an educational sustainability and biodiversity trail within your facility, transforming it into a bee- and biodiversity-friendly structure. The package includes houses for wild bees, ladybugs, and butterflies, as well as informative educational signs along the trail, allowing visitors of all ages to engage and learn about pollinator and environmental conservation. Check out their website to learn more.

    Key components of the Biodiversity Adventure package

    The Biodiversity Adventure package includes 3 Polly Houses, a ladybug house, a butterfly house, and 5 informational signs along the path. The Polly Houses are home to harmless solitary Osmia Bicornis bees. Made of certified PFSC wood and eco-designed, these houses are produced by six person with mild disabilities in collaboration with 3Bee. The ladybug and butterfly houses, on the other hand, contribute to the conservation of these pollinators, crucial in the propagation of plants and biodiversity. To guide you in discovering the magical world of pollinators, we have created a five-stop route with educational signs developed by environmental engineers, agronomists, and educators.

    Polly X: Bio-Monitoring and App.

    Pollinators are true ecological bio-indicators, that is, sentinels of the environment's health. Inspired by this fascinating phenomenon, 3Bee has created Polly X: a 4.0 Polly House that uses technology to help companies in environmental biomonitoring activities. Polly X is capable of detecting the amount of particulate matter in the air, temperature, weather conditions, colony growth, and bee mortality. The data collected is then shared and communicated directly and transparently on the landing page dedicated to your project. In this way, users can access your Biodiversity Adventure 4.0, learn from pollinators, study bees, and follow them at all times. Polly X represents a further step forward in the fight to conserve the environment and biodiversity, demonstrating how technology can serve nature.

    Business benefits of Biodiversity Adventure package

    Adopting the Biodiversity Adventure package offers numerous benefits for your company. Firstly, your commitment to protecting the environment and biodiversity also brings many advantages in terms of CSR and corporate positioning. The traceability and monitoring of data allow for the provision of quantitative and qualitative KPIs, useful for improving the achievement of the SDGs. Additionally, you can involve your collaborators in the project, increasing employee satisfaction and improving the E-NPS to create a positive and stimulating workplace atmosphere. Lastly, the personalized media kit allows you to communicate your commitment to environmental sustainability through the dedicated landing page and various multimedia contents. This way, you can improve your brand reputation and engage your community. Adopting environmentally responsible solutions helps you stand out from the competition and attract customers and partners with similar values.

    Join 3Bee's mission.

    Now is the time to take action to preserve our planet and its precious resources. By choosing 3Bee's Biodiversity Adventure, you not only make a significant contribution to the conservation of biodiversity, but also become an example of sustainability and environmental responsibility for your visitors, employees, and community. Join us in this noble cause and invest in the future of our planet, for present and future generations. Every step counts in the fight to preserve nature and its delicate balance. Contact 3Bee today to learn more and start your journey towards sustainability and biodiversity protection.

    By Elena FraccaroApril 4, 2023

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