Discover the Italian beehives

    Become our ally, choose the bees, protect them together with 3Bee and choose honey from your favourite Italian territory. How? Adopt a 3Bee Hi-Tech hive and help Italian beekeepers to optimally manage their bees thanks to technology at the service of biodiversity.
    Discover the Italian beehives


    Protect italian bees together with 3Bee

    Have you ever wondered what the secret is that makes Italy an excellence in the world? 3Bee has decided to share this with you by launching the sustainable Adopt-a-Hive project for the first time in Europe. For us at 3Bee, there is nothing more important than small things, just like a bee. Bees are the caskets that hold the secret to our wealth. Flying from flower to flower, they perform an invaluable pollination service, with which they ensure the preservation of biological diversity and thus our cultural heritage. Choose bees and protect them with us in a sustainable manner. By adopting a hive, you will have the opportunity to enter the world of beekeeping, study the behaviour and health of bees, and receive your favourite italian-made honey. You will be able to choose from several types, such as millefiori, which will launch you into the fragrances of the Trentino mountains, or citrus honey, which will envelop you with its unmistakable Sicilian appeal. Become our ally!

    3Bee is sustainability

    3Bee is an agri-tech company and start-up, that focuses on developing intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems for bee health with the aim of improving our environment. 3Bee's philosophy is to generate a strong environmental and social impact in the world through technology in the service of biodiversity. Our devices help beekeepers to monitor their hives constantly and comprehensively. This ensures optimising production and care for the bees, as it prevents problems and diseases, and allows individuals to become beekeepers 4.0 by adopting the hive of their favourite beekeeper and receive their honey. Adopting a hive is a small gesture, one of those little things, that we Italians love so much and that can have a significant impact on the future.

    3Bee system for beekeeping

    But what does it mean to protect bees through technology? 3Bee provides beekeepers with remote monitoring systems for hives. Our IoT devices record the main biological parameters of the hive: weight, temperature, humidity, sound. To these, we add the monitoring of weather and external parameters that can in some way influence the performance of the hive and its productivity, and which help the beekeeper to take the best care of the bees. The data, sent to the cloud, can be accessed directly from your personal profile on the 3Bee app. Thanks to monitoring, our systems allow to better organise business, report any anomalies and schedule targeted inspections and interventions. Did you know that the temperature inside a hive allows you to tell if the queen is present and if she is laying eggs? Adopt a 3Bee hive and discover all its secrets!

    Why adopt an italian beekeeper's hive?

    Why should I help an Italian beekeeper? Italian beekeepers are our modern-day heroes, because they protect bees and thus biodiversity. With increasingly uncertain seasons and new threats around the corner, Italy's biological diversity is at risk and with it all the natural beauty and quality of Italian-made products. Adopting a beehive means supporting the work, passion, and sacrifices of a beekeeper. It means helping them in their daily struggle to preserve bees and their fundamental contribution to biodiversity. It means protecting the emotions that only Italian landscapes and products can give: a glass of Chianti in the vineyards of Tuscany, the aromas of mountain herbs in the cheeses of cows grazing in the alpine pastures. Bees protect Italy's natural resources, our culture and identity. Choose to adopt an Italian beehive, support one of our beekeepers and you will receive at the end of the season honey from a rare bloom of your favourite Italian territory.

    The made in Italy honey

    Did you know that there are more than 60 varieties of honey in Italy? Italy is considered a biodiversity hotspot with endemism. This makes Italian honey unique. Made in Italy is not just a brand but a philosophy, a culture, a history: choosing Italian honey means buying a certified product, controlled throughout the production chain, and respecting the values and traditions of each territory. This is the reason why each variety encompasses different peculiarities, with roots deeply linked to the place of origin. 3Bee's Adopt-a-Hive project aims to make Italian beekeeping realities, even the small ones, known to foreign customers who love our peninsula. Our monitoring devices will allow you to constantly follow the dynamics inside the hive and the production of honey. You will thus be able to learn the secrets of beekeeping, contribute sustainably to the protection of biodiversity, and support your favourite beekeeper by choosing from the diverse types of honey.

    Adopt and receive honey

    Adopting a beehive is easy. You can choose from the available hives and monitor it like a beekeeper for an entire year, at the end of which you can receive honey from your favourite bloom. You can adopt a beehive from your favourite area of Italy, where you have been on vacation for example or would like to visit. You can choose freely according to your liking and preferences. What happens after you choose it? You will immediately receive your platform access credentials and the digital certificate of your adoption via e-mail. You start monitoring the hive directly afterwards, following the various stages of development remotely. At the end of the production year, you will receive the selected jar of honey at your home. Support your favourite beekeeper and help their bee friends by living a sustainable experience. Contribute to the preservation of bees and the maintenance of biodiversity. Remember: a protected bee is an asset to the planet!

    By Elena FraccaroJune 14, 2022

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