Fabbri Group: towards an increasingly sustainable future

    Fabbri Group is an international leader in the manufacture and sale of machines, films and software for fresh food packaging. Read the sustainability story of Stefano Pellegatta, CEO of Fabbri Group.
    Fabbri Group: towards an increasingly sustainable future


    Innovative Solutions

    The packaging industry plays a key role in improving the social and environmental impact of the global system, and Fabbri is fully involved in research and technological innovation in order to find the best solutions to ensure the protection of food, people and environment at the same time: We develop packaging solutions being increasingly efficient in terms of performance, energy savings, and optimization of material consumption per application, We work to introduce materials biobased, compostable or coming from plastic recycling. Bringing culture and awareness of sustainability, through an open, wide and fact-based approach is indeed another key priority.

    A contribution to Global Goals

    Gruppo Fabbri Vignola got different certifications regarding Sustainability, like ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 45001 (Health and Safety), EMAS Registration (UE 2018/2026 Regulation). Our Biobased Star Film is certified OK-biobased® by TÜV Austria, Nature Fresh got different home and industrial/commercial compostability certifications by various certification bodies, and other products will soon come. The 17 SDGs should be a “must” for everyone. According to our business, we find particularly relevant: 9. Industry Innovation & Infrastructure 11. Sustainable cities & communities 12. Responsible consumption & production 13. Climate action 15. Life on land 17. Partnership for the goals

    ESG & Sustainability

    Packaging is not easily perceived as sustainable, but in our case a thin film indeed helps protecting and preserving food, preventing it to go wasted. Making a real Sustainability culture, avoiding green washing, is one of the main challenges we face, like all packaging producers. Our partners and trade associations we belong to promote those issues, and support us on all ESG issues, some also being directly active in the field. We’re doing our best to safeguard land, living beings, communities through the 3Bee project allows us to protect bees, a treasure on which the life on the entire planet depends.

    Bee Way - Fabbri 4 Planet

    “Bee Way – Fabbri 4 Planet” is the name of the project that Fabbri realized together with 3Bee for a major environmental protection and preservation. Bees are so small, but they are in fact the main pollinating insects. “Preserve without waste” is our motto and core value: when we heard that in 10 years about 10 million beehives are estimated to have disappeared due to intensive agriculture, climate change, incorrect use of pesticides, reduction of planted soil, parasites, diseases etc. we decided we had to give our contribution. This is why Fabbri Group chose to adopt a beehive in co-operation with 3Bee.

    By Elena FraccaroMay 17, 2023

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