Ak Medical: helping others starting with biodiversity

    Ak Medical is a young company with 10 years of experience in e-commerce of medical devices. In this article Annachiara Giacometti CEO of Ak Medical told us why they chose to collaborate with 3Bee and the values we share.
    Ak Medical: helping others starting with biodiversity


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    Environmental commitment

    Our world is screaming for help, every choice is important and affect the legacy that we'll leave to our children. We strongly believe in the big impact of little things, as helping bees to survive. Since 2010 we installed photovoltaic panels in our headquarter in order to reduce CO2 pollution, next step has been the adoption in 2022 of our first hive supporting a local beekeeper. Environmental commitment is one of those values that should move every decision in modern time, Ak Medical is not perfect but aimed to became one day.

    Growing goals

    In 2010 we get the chance to improve our sustainability program by installing photovoltaic panels in our main office aiming the progressive daily reduction of CO2. In 2016 we totally took out vending machines in order to eliminate consumption of plastic enveloped food and promoted use of coffee machine with traditional cups to avoid plastic ones. Our recent goal has been going out of our walls by adopting a local hive in 2022, a wonderful opportunity to support a beekeeper in his struggling work.


    Challanges and solutions

    The worst challenge nowadays for our company is to have enough credibility that allowed costumers and suppliers to understand our commitment. We're young and luckily internally our employees helped the transition. Awareness needs to be developed day by day, especially with grown-up people that keep thinking "we've always done in this way". By changing habit of coffee machine and bringing food from home avoiding vending machine has been tough but also a big satisfaction as a CEO in my little reality. Hive adoption has been another big success that project our company into the future.

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    Helping others to build a better world

    Our main value is helping the others. This project bring out that important matter of being unique inside the group, biodiversity is inherent in human beings and as an organisation of people every person in our office contribute in his own way to follow the final result. Furthermore, it's not easy in today's market that fight competitors with low price, selling the consciousness of environmental responsibility and making it a plus. We're always looking for new perspective to share with our costumers in order to promote the ecological message.

    By Elena FraccaroFebruary 13, 2023

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