3Bee launches its first podcast show: 'Podcast Biodiverse'

    3Bee launches its first podcast show: 'Podcast Biodiverse'

    Is sex affected by climate change? Does the increase in CO2 affect our feelings? These are just some of the questions 3Bee answers in the 'Biodiverse Podcast', with a scientific but also irreverent approach to tell the story of biodiversity in a new way.

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    31/01/2024Of Elena Fraccaro
    31/01/2024Of Elena Fraccaro

    Sex, climate and rock'n'roll: the first episode of the podcast

    On the occasion of Valentine's Day, 3Bee, the naturetech leader in the development of technologies for the protection of biodiversity, announces the launch of its first podcast show: "Biodiverse Podcast". The project will be available on Youtube and Spotify from 14 February, with a brand new first episode entitled "Sex, climate and rock'n'roll", analysing the impact of climate change on relationships and feelings. "Podcast Biodiverso" stands out in the panorama of climate podcasts for its ability to weave irony, lightness and information into a unique format that everyone can understand.

    Sesso clima e rock'n'roll

    Podcasts on the rise: Ipsos research

    According to the Digital Audio Survey 2023 conducted by Ipsos, podcast listeners reached 39% among 16-60 year olds (about 11.9 million people), a 36% increase over the previous year. The podcast is a format that lends itself to listening anywhere, anytime. In fact, listening is predominantly via smartphone (75%), but listening in the car (33%), as well as on means of transport (20%) is growing at the same time. Important data, which highlight the central role of podcasts, which in just a few years have gone from being a niche medium to an increasingly well-known and appreciated medium.

    podcast trend

    Biodiverse podcast: topics and speakers

    With six episodes in its first season, the 3Bee podcast not only tackles topical and crucial issues such as the climate crisis and the biodiversity, but it does so in a sparkling and original way, presenting new and exclusive points of view and touching on a variety of topics, from sex to feelings, from the extinction of mosquitoes to the topic of nuclear energy. Virginia Castellucci, Head of Sustainability at 3Bee, and Vincenzo Rizzi, 3Bee's environmental scientist, are the hosts at the helm of the "Biodiverso Podcast", the authoritative and irreverent voices of biodiversity that make each episode unique, also thanks to the presence of renowned guests - scientists, journalists, popularisers and sustainability professionals - who in each episode delve into the most interesting daily topics from an environmental perspective.

    podcast speaker

    Is sex affected by climate change?

    In the first episode, entitled "Sex, climate and rock'n'roll", is guest Stefano Caserini, Environmental Engineer, Professor of Climate Change Mitigation and Author, to discuss the impact of climate change on human relationships and feelings. This is a new perspective, because there are many studies on the effects of climate change in economic, environmental and social terms, but little is said about the effects on the relational sphere, which involves us in our daily lives. And so: is sex affected by climate change? Does the increase in CO2 affect our feelings? These are just some of the questions that 3Bee answers in the first episode of the "Biodiverse Podcast".

    Stefano Caserini

    Biodiverse podcast: episodes and guests

    Subsequent episodes will be released every three weeks and will cover topics such as nuclear energy, mosquito extinction, the sphere of relationships, the future of the mountains and sports such as alpine skiing, hunting and environmental activism. Discussions centred on sectors such as sports infrastructure, energy, travel and food. Among the guests Stefano Caserini, Environmental Engineer, Professor of Climate Change Mitigation and Author; Maurizio Casiraghi, Professor of Zoology and Evolution and Pro-rector of Education at the Bicocca University of Milan; Sofia Farina, Climatologist and PhD student in Environmental Science; Marta Maroglio, climate activist; Nicolò Mottadelli, wildlife consultant at the Stelvio Park; and Luca Romano, better known as "Atomic Lawyer".

    podcast biodiverso

    The 3Bee Podcast for Biodiversity Snack Learning

    "Podcast Biodiverso" is a informative journey that recounts the declinations of biodiversity in our daily experiences, strongly interconnected with the working and corporate dimension. An innovative perspective, useful for sustainability professionals to deepen their understanding of the value of biodiversity. "Biodiverse Podcast" also addresses businesses and professionals, turning every listen into a snack learning opportunity. Drawing on insights, first-hand experiences and real stories, this podcast is an ongoing source of inspiration. "At 3Bee, disclosure is a fundamental pillar and, building on our expertise, we wanted to create a real tool to connect people and companies in a constructive dialogue about the environment and biodiversity." says Virginia Castellucci, Head of Sustainability at 3Bee.

    snack learning

    Biodiverse podcast: a powerful dissemination tool

    Always at the side of entities, companies and schools, 3Bee has built a solid track record in disclosure and education on biodiversity and is a reference point in the field. Through the "Biodiverso Podcast", 3Bee expands its horizons and reinvents itself as a podcaster, embracing a new form of communication, accessible to all, to tell the story of biodiversity in a simple and capillary manner. The 'Biodiverse Podcast' is a powerful tool for disseminating information and raising awareness. With an irreverent language, without losing the usual scientific approach, the podcast explores from a new perspective the topics that 3Bee proposes every day in company training programmes and school curricula, in a dynamic and engaging format. It is an invitation to discover, reflect and act, with the aim of creating an ever-widening network of ambassadors of change, aware of the importance of biodiversity for our planet.

    3Bee academy

    A climate podcast for discussion and learning

    With this initiative, 3Bee reaffirms its role as a leader in the field of naturetech and biodiversity protection, demonstrating how technology and innovation can be effectively deployed in dissemination and environmental education. "Podcast Biodiverso" aims to become a landmark in the landscape of climate podcasts and represents the culmination of 3Bee's commitment to popularisation, combining technological monitoring and environmental regeneration to create a tool for dialogue, discussion and learning.

    podcast apprendimento
    31/01/2024Of Elena Fraccaro
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