3Bee is your ideal partner for your biodiversity projects

    3Bee provides innovative services to protect and regenerate nature. Join our mission and discover how technology and sustainability are coming together to create a greener future for business and the planet.
    3Bee is your ideal partner for your biodiversity projects


    Who is 3Bee ?

    3Bee is the climate-tech company that safeguards biodiversity and offers innovative solutions to help preserve the lives of pollinators, the guardians of our ecosystems' health. We monitor and protect biodiversity using our technologies. Our teams of engineers, scientists, and communicators work together to provide companies with innovative solutions to create a positive impact on the environment. Our services are turnkey, and we develop solutions so you can communicate about your commitment with 3Bee. By choosing 3Bee for your biodiversity projects, you will not only support a company that is actively committed to environmental protection, but you will also contribute to supporting biodiversity and pollinators.

    What services do we offer?

    We enable companies wishing to act for the environment and improve their environmental impact to offer several services aimed at protecting biodiversity. Our primary goal is to develop projects aimed at regenerating biodiversity. To do this, we offer companies the opportunity to adopt hives directly from the beekeeper or to install them directly on their business park. This adoption has an environmental and social dimension, as on the one hand, it contributes to the protection of bees (essential pollinators) and supports a beekeeper in his job. We also allow companies to adopt their nectariferous forests of 50 trees. This allows them to regenerate the biodiversity of the area and absorb CO2. In addition to these projects, we propose a biodiversity path to be implemented on your company's park, the "Biodiversity adventure" pathway. This educational route protects pollinators. You can also o

    Advantages for your company

    If your company carries out a 3Bee biodiversity project, you can enjoy a large number of advantages. First of all, your commitment to the protection of biodiversity and the environment can improve your company's image and strengthen your social responsibility. Furthermore, by monitoring and tracking data, you can obtain quantitative and qualitative KPIs to improve the realization of Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, by involving your employees in the project, you can enhance their job satisfaction and create a positive and motivating work environment. Finally, thanks to a customized mediakit, you can communicate your commitment to environmental sustainability through a dedicated homepage and various media content, which could strengthen your community and improve your brand reputation. By adopting green solutions, you could also differentiate yourself from your competitors.

    Communicate your commitment

    For each project carried out, 3Bee provides a personalized web page for your company called "Oasis" that you can share with all your employees. This page contains all the data of your project and can be used to promote your action in favor of the environment on LinkedIn and your social networks. We are proud to offer an innovative and turnkey solution to companies wishing to integrate nature into their work environment. We hope that this article has convinced you of the advantages of 3Bee biodiversity projects for your company and the environment. If you have any questions about our biodiversity projects, contact us.

    Carry out your diversity project with us

    Our team is at your disposal if you wish to set up a biodiversity project to improve your environmental impact. By partnering with us, you can leverage our expertise in sustainable development and biodiversity preservation. We can accompany you throughout the project, from its design to its completion. We take into account your needs and offer tailored solutions to achieve your environmental and social targets. By working with us, you will benefit from enlightened advice and technical support to ensure the success of your initiative. Contact us today to discuss your needs and discover the services we offer.

    By Elena FraccaroMay 16, 2023

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