La filosofia di Jobcode: "Siamo parte della natura"

Jobcode ci racconta in quali modi cerca ogni giorno di essere un'azienda sostenibile e rispettosa sotto ogni aspetto: umano, economico e ambientale. Supportare la rigenerazione della biodiversità è una tappa fondamentale del percorso.
La filosofia di Jobcode: "Siamo parte della natura"


We are all interconnected

For us our people and the world we live in are both important. We believe, in agreement with the teaching of Pope Francis, that "everything is closely related” and that “today’s problems call for a vision capable of taking into account every aspect of the global crisis. And the “environment” cannot be considered in isolation. “Nature cannot be regarded as something separate from ourselves or as a mere setting in which we live,” writes the pope. “We are part of nature”. This is why our aim is to take care of the people we work with as well to take care of the world we live in.

ape su fiore

People, charity, culture and bees

As an Italian employer we have first implemented direct sustainability practices for the well being of our employees, their families and the environment close to our offices. We are especially focused on the welfare of our people with an annual program of benefits that aims to reduce the gender gap, promote inclusive and sustainable growth, sustain maternity and paternity, and help people to work remotely or in small offices near their homes and families. Meanwhile we cannot forget to give support to associations and organizations who promote sustain to men and women in the world (i.e AVSI sustain to Ukrain refugees, Famiglie per l’Accoglienza sustain to families taking in orphans) as well to cultural entities like La Scala theatre as beauty is a main pillar of well being of a people. And last but not the least this is why we made this beehives adoption.

api su ramo in fiore

Never take anything for granted

The main challenge for our Company is, and has always been, not to take for granted anything. Don't assume we work in the best way, don't assume our employees are happy to work with us, don't assume that the problems and crisis that happens in the world outside our door (close or far) is something has nothing to do with us. The biggest challenge in developing sustainability projects is to convince managers those projects concerns our business and to commit in each project, to help each employee in taking seriously the provocations hidden in each project and to involve in them. But as the projects begin to be part of our Company’s culture each one, from the manager to the last comer begin to understand the values of them. We hope that will be also for the bees project that we have just started.

Ape con miele

Biodiversity, freedom and cooperation

Biodiversity is the real richness of our world and of all mankind. That is true both if we focus on the global world and also if we look at our small working world. That’s a key concept that helps building our Firm’s culture and also our way of working. The other key word is “freedom”. We believe there’s no respect of each one diversity where there’s no freedom. So want to bid on the freedom of our employees. This is why we took seriuosly the assumption from Professor Luca Solari (in his essay “Freedom management”) where he started to investigate the possibility of conceiving organizations as means to allow freedom to flourish, and not as powerful systems designed to limit that freedom. Biodiversity, freedom and cooperation are the lighthouse for the future of our Firm. And participate to projects like this from 3bee helps anyone who works in our firm to get the chance to enlarge its sights and help each other in the daily fight.

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