3Bee goes international

    3Bee, a world with bees, the Italian agri-tech scale-up protecting bees through technology, announces a €3M capital investment in Germany and France in the next 18 months.
    3Bee goes international


    Who is 3Bee

    3Bee is the Italian leader company in the biodiversity sector, founded in 2016 by Niccolò Calandri and Riccardo Balzaretti. The company works daily to protect bees through AI technology and improve biodiversity by means of ESG and CSR projects. With 3Bee proprietary technology, i.e. Hive-Tech, and Big Data analysis, the Italian company allows beekeepers to decrease the bees mortality rate and benefit from constant decision-making support.


    The funding deal involves 5 M € financed by entities such as AGfunder, a prestigious investment fund active internationally in the agri-tech sector, and ESA, European Space Agency, which has believed in 3Bee's vision, allocating 700,000 euros for the study of biodiversity through satellites and multispectral imaging. “Our aim is to set up a team of 4 professionals in the German region and 4 professionals in the French region: we aim at hiring brilliant talents to support our mission of protecting the bees and biodiversity.” - Niccolò Calandri, 3Bee CEO, said in a statement.

    Looking for a team

    3Bee is looking for a team composed of business developers, marketing specialists and beekeepers manager who will represent 3Bee in Germany and France. 3Bee’s goal is to create in each country a network of 20 000 beehive adopters, 100 beekeepers and to develop more than 250 CSR projects with companies in the next 2 years. Nowadays, 3Bee has already more than 20 beekeepers in Germany and more than 30 beekeepers in France using the monitoring system to protect their bees, but it will spread the network in order to increase the biodiversity presence on the French and German territory. In the last 20 years, the biodiversity loses the 20% of the total species in France and Germany. France is the 6th country with the highest number of threatened species. (Source, IUCN red list). Indeed, 18% of the animals making up its biodiversity are threatened.

    The words of our CEO

    "We’re confident, the expansion is something the company needs to do and is now the right time” Niccolò Calandri said, speaking at the firm’s Milan headquarters. The company’s six years of experience and proven technology would allow it to become profitable more quickly in the new territories with smaller investments. “To make it real and to have a real positive impact, 3Bee has a budget of 1,5 M € to deploy within 18 months in each country. We’re going to get to a bigger scale, faster.”, Niccolò Calandri said.


    Since its creation, 3Bee has developed a network of more than 3,000 beekeepers, throughout Italy and the world, who use the monitoring systems. It has also created the "Adopt a Beehive" initiative dedicated to individuals and businesses, who can support a local beekeeper, learn more about the world of bees and taste artisanal and traced honey. Now, 3Bee has convinced more than 200 000 adopters to protect bees, and it has also created more than 1000 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects with companies, which has helped protect more than 150 million Honey bees and all other pollinators like Solitary bees. 3Bee is not selling honey, but a new to have a positive impact on biodiversity through the IoT technology.

    Di Elena Fraccaro27 ottobre 2022

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