OTS Assembly: sustainability as a synonym for quality

    For OTS, a supplier of mechanical and electropneumatic index machines, quality is not only based on the precision with which products are manufactured, but also on the sustainability of materials and the production process. Here are the aspects that bind us the most.
    OTS Assembly: sustainability as a synonym for quality


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    Environmental Impact of production

    Here's the testimony of Mr. Alessandro D'Aloiso - Chief of Sales & Marketing Office. For OTS Assembly is a form of self-regulation integrated into a business model, focused on social and ecological issues, whereby a company takes responsibility for its impact on society. Ecological awareness is a commitment that the company has been pursuing for years and is reflected in the constant research and promotion of the best technologies aimed at reducing the environmental impact of production and the levels of toxic and dangerous substances. In addition OTS adheres since many years to the main international organization about sustainability such as United Global Compact, Ecovadis and Treedom.



    Thanks to the commitment inside organization like United Global Compact, Ecovadis and Treedom, OTS's ecological awareness has grown exponentially. OTS uses high efficiency and high formability photovoltaic panels to generate renewable energy on his Plant. Moreover promotes conscious, ecologically sustainable, waste-free consumption, with a plastic-free, eco-friendly approach. EcoVadis awarded the gold medal to OTS Assembly in 2022 that reaches 10 of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals: • Zero poverty • Zero hunger • Quality of education •Equality •Economic growth • Responsible consumption • Fight against climate change •Biodiversity • Reduce inequalities • Collaboration to achieve goals

    Conservation biology

    Thanks to the “OTS Assembly Forest” project foresees it's planned to plant 600 trees in three years (200 trees per year) in different areas of the world (from Colombia to Cameroon, from Kenya to Tanzania…).Through this operation, in addition to the ecological impact (about 200 tonnes of CO2 absorbed), the local workforce will be facilitated. Of course we can include the bee project of which we are really very proud. This project will help us realize the fundamental goal of conservation biology: protecting biodiversity and the processes that generate and sustain it. This choice will allow us to protect bees, the biodiversity of flora through pollination and to support beekeepers in the work of caring for hives.


    Why we chose 3Bee

    Because OTS cares about quality in every sense, not just in the technological field. Thinking that the abundance of biodiversity concerns only the biologist who is passionate about rare species, or the researcher, is a serious mistake, because ensuring high biodiversity is a problem that affects the quality of life and survival of each of us. The future of life on earth will depend mainly on our species and on how it will be able to rebuild a relationship in harmony with the environment, using resources without squandering them as is the case today.

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