Mia-Platform: sustainable example of a small medium company

    Mia-Platform is the innovative tech company leading the market of cloud native platform engineering. Mia-Platform’s software suite, based on APIs, microservices, Fast Data and DevOps, enables enterprise organizations and digital native startups in creating and mastering their digital platforms.
    Mia-Platform: sustainable example of a small medium company


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    Sustainable development at the basis of growth

    Chiara Muzzolon, Senior Internal Communication & Sustainability Manager, told us what sustainability means for Mia-Platform. The technology we write today can impact future generations. As well as all the decisions we make as individuals and as a company. Our growth is based on the concept of sustainable development: the continuous search for a balance among the economic, environmental, and social pillars. We began the company taking care of people first, and we built a healthy work environment as a social responsibility. We’ve always been sensitive to environmental issues and climate change, so the soonest we could, we started empowering our impact and integrating sustainability in our business. To do so, we've always involved employees in all the activities we embraced: planting trees, sports activities with people with disabilities, taking care of our tools to make them last and much more.

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    The 2030 agenda for a young small-medium company

    The 2030 Agenda is our point of reference. We try to integrate sustainability in our everyday job and in our future projects too. For a young small-medium company is not easy to look at the future and, at the same time, to choose what to do in the present, because there are no committment for the law. So we try to be plastic free in our office, we create sustainable gadget for tech events we participate to, we integrate health insurance in our employee contracts, we give hours to training, we have a ethical code and a manifest of values, we participated to many CSR activities like: tree planting, giving a FAI card to all the employees, play sports with PlayMore that takes care of people in difficulties, of course the beehive project with 3Bee and much more. SGDs we are attending are: 3.8, 4.4, 5, 10, 8.2, 8.3, 9.4 and, also for the CSR activities done in the last few years, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

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    Modello 231: to take concrete actions

    The biggest challenge is to take concrete actions while there are no mandatory actions for the law in the case of a small medium company. And to make concrete what you have in mind as an idea of having a good impact in the world. So at first we decided to embrace CSR activities that could involve employees to sensitize them and make the impact of a company, the impact of each individual. Then we started integrating sustainability in many other aspects of the business and of the office living. For example we are now building the Modello 231, an administrative task that made us make a risk assessment, integrated with sustainability. This thanks to Freebly, a benefit corporation of lawyers that analyzed also our risks in terms of sustainability following also the Agenda 2030.

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    Engage employees with 3Bee

    As said, we look for activities that take care of the environment while involving our employees. For the project with 3Bee we directly asked our employees to recommend beekeepers and we made a selection among them thanks to 3Bee. This has been a great way to involve them. Then, we bought a little honey jar for each employee, to make them really involved in the project and to taste the honey from the honeybee we adopted. We are really happy and proud of this project that is a concrete action to fight climate change.

    Di Elena Fraccaro2 dicembre 2022

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